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the European Union has stepped up tariff barriers on shoes and shoes imports: this year, EU countries have stepped up their import restrictions on footwear. The 15 EU member states of India and Chinese from some shoes, imported from Thailand, in addition to imports of standard tax, also stipulated the minimum import price of not less than 5.7 of the European currency unit, as a kind of anti dumping measures. but for non leather footwear, the import tax rate has declined, from 18.2% to 17.6%, of which some women's tax rate dropped from 6.2% to 5.6%. The uppers of cowhide and cow leather were reduced to 6.6% and 3.3% respectively. according to the GSP (GSP) to give 30% discount on import tax rates in developing countries, there are new changes: from Brazil, India, Pakistan, Argentina, China and Thailand imports of leather and leather from the original; some plastic and rubber products are imported from Malaysia and Indonesia since 1998 will no longer continue to give the discount. All of the goods imported from Hongkong, Singapore and South Korea have not been offered since May 1998. since July 1, 1998, New Zealand's footwear and plastic products import tariffs have been reduced to 20% Cheap air jordans for sale and 7% respectively. Looking from the market characteristic, the New Zealand market is small, the competition is intense, but the capacity is big, the potential is considerable. (editor in chief: admin) in July, Wenzhou Dingye Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. chairman Li Yong is very busy to attend the fifteenth session of the international Chinese announced: food processing, packaging and printing technology exhibition, a high-profile Asia food industry "2008 annual China food (5.33,0.02,0.38%) ten total industrial Award" title, and all of this comes from the domestic and foreign markets recently significantly warmer to Li Yong bring confidence. as the packaging machinery industry, large-scale backbone enterprises, Wenzhou reador Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991, the company specializing in the production of "Ding" brand packaging machinery and related products, has a number of advanced processing equipment, mainly the production of automatic film sealing machine, cuff type packing machine, shrink packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine and other packaging machinery. despite the success of the Asian financial crisis 10 years ago to cope with the decline in the exp buy cheap jordans online erience of orders, but last year's decline in exports still put pressure on Li Yong. "The most severe market time is in August last year, in the face of reduced orders, we adjust product mix, increase domestic market sales at the same time, continue to increase technical input."." In the recent "Huicong net tripod industry cup," "2008 China's food industry ten awards" presentation ceremony, Li Yong told the Beijing morning post reporter. a year ago, the effect of strategic adjustment began to appear this year, Li Yong said: "due to the expansion of domestic demand, the implementation of the policy, our domestic market growth of 20%, the central and mainland growth is more obvious." However, the most let Li Yong surprised, significantly warmer or export, "July orders from overseas markets in Europe and the United States entered the peak period, only one month in July, our orders of more than $500 thousand last year, this is unthinkable." actually, Li Yong's enterprise is by no means the case of Wenzhou foreign trade enterprises. Data from the Wenzhou foreign trade department show that shoes, shoes, clothing, glasses, synthetic leather and low-voltage electrical appliances, such as Wenzhou's pillar industries cheap jordans for sale , began in July, there has been a marked improvement in the momentum. In July, Wenzhou's total import and export volume reached US $1 billion 340 million, an increase of 10.1%, and Wenzhou's exports of clothing and accessories also recorded a single monthly increase this year. "the price of our products is only 1/5 of foreign counterparts, however, is the most important technology in the food packaging machinery industry, European and American customers for the technology is very demanding, we win the opportunity for our technical level." Li Yong said that as of the end of August, the company's overseas sales have exceeded $2 million, not only far beyond the past)Beijing time on November 18th, Miami home court against the Timberwolves, Whiteside received 22 points, 14 rebounds and 10 blocks, second blocks and three occupation career was double. Unfortunately the team still lost the game in the home court, but this does not prevent us from watching the big white side of the wonderful cap. the last strong spots an advertisement (Welfare), recently heard that Tencent's NBA Live in such a way... Small partners are stunned the drooling...,source: the picture from the networkNike SB Dunk Low "BHM 2014" the latest Retro jordans for sale physical exposure 2013-12-09 00:09:58 earlier exposure of this Nike SB Dunk Low "BHM 2014" using the black history of the monthly theme of the usual black tone, but there are a lot of quite dazzling details worth noting. Both sides of the upper are made of 3M reflective material, which makes the decorations of the national wind clear on the lighting. A gold embroidered tongue on the word "BHM", and the golden shoe buckle vicenza. The midsole is shown in a gradual manner, and contrasts greatly with the black shoes. Overall, this Nike SB Dunk Low "BHM 2014" in the low-key personality, can be described as a rare masterpiece. Specific offer information has not been determined, please pay attention to follow-up reports. Nike Air Max 2011 N7 series of things exposed 2016-05-29 16:13:34 Nike launched N7 charity in North America, has been committed to helping Native American and Aboriginal youth in sports can get more development, such meaningful charitable behavior, also received the support of North American people. Nike will also sell a N7 series of shoes every year in the United States, and the proceeds will go to charity. This year Nike brought for you is a pair of Air Max 2011, so unexp jordan 3 katrina 2018 ected shoe money, is really admirable. At present, there is no information on the sale of shoes exposed, interested friends can pay attention to the next. "In the US, open sports car than family car accident rate is much higher, but we can not consider itself a greater risk than car family car." Nike sports lab director Mario? La Fuqiong said this yesterday in Beijing . Mario? La Fuqiong This time in Beijing is due to the function of Nike Air shoes accused of "pseudo-science." It is reported that Mario? ?????? purpose of this trip except for the Chinese athletes represent great importance, and "expect to establish cooperative relations with China leading scholars." In introducing the use of urethane material for the balloon, then the balloon filled with gas in the Nike Air technology works and when Mario? La Fuqiong stressed the Nike Air technology by mitigating the impact of the movement and help avoid motion injured. Mario? La Fuqiong not produce relevant experimental data or statistics. And it is Mario "ease the impact and avoid injuries," the performance? La Fuqiong emphasized that Nike suspicion of "pseudo-scientific fraud propaganda" defendant litigation forum. Plaintiff Beijing Masayuki Zheng Qingsheng jordans on sale online , director of the Institute of Human mechanics to numerous evidentiary material that the sports shoe for the high stability requirements, and cushion the foot greatly reduces stability; and, normal movement in vibration beneficial to human health.Jordan brand air jordan 6 the 23rd anniversary celebration, it seems to show us this air jordan 6 "slam dunk" slamdunk theme shoes. Shoes to wake up red tones, and collocation of white midsole and crystal outsole, slam dunk in the caricature pattern and unique 3M reflective details printed red upper, followed by the tongue is embroidered with comic hero -- Yingmuhuadao the number 10, make shoe money in very slam dunk's charm. The shoes are currently no exact information available, the number of 717302-600. Jordan Air 6 Slam "Dunk " Retronumber: 717302-600source: solecollectorThis new Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle Flight Jacket not only to new ideas and find everything fresh and new design to capture one of the sentient beings, circulation and the design theme with a pregnant meaning is to become the focus of many Sneakerhead lock. The day before the network once again out of a group of real atlas, let us once again to feel something. This with the classic Air waterproof nylon material remodeling Jordan 6, while the fine car line as the body of the shoe uppers and decoration, is the green line shows the Israeli military strong wind, black and white in the bottom end is equipped with rubber outsole, overall design and great basketball on 1991 in Saturday (SNL) Night Live site wearing a flight jacket complement each other. air-jordan-6-pinnacle-flight-jacket-release-date-5.jpg (198.62 KB, download times: 3) download attachment Air Jordan 6, Pinnacle, Flight, Jacket, flight jacket, beauty appreciation, Upload 08:36 2017-6-25 air-jordan-6-pinnacle-flight-jacket-release-date-4.jpg (190.97 KB, download times: 3) download attachment Air Jordan 6, Pinnacle, Flight, Jacket, flight jacket, beauty appreciation, Upload 08:36 2017-6-25 air-jordan-6-pinnacle-flight-jacket-release-date-2.jpg (224.66 KB, download times: 3) download attachment Air Jordan 6, Pinnacle, Flight, Jacket, flight jacket, beauty appreciation, Upload 08:36 2017-6-25 air-jordan-6-pinnacle-flight-jacket-release-date-3.jpg (177.79 KB, download times: 3) download attachment Air Jordan 6, Pinnacle, Flight, Jacket, flight jacket, beauty appreciation, Upload 08:36 2017-6-25 The new color Internationalist has shelves, shoe body made of nylon, mesh fabric and suede material collocation production, red with rust red as the main color, with white paint swoosh, white lining, white and black bottom bottom. Love friends can look at. 1411349150235_720x450.jpg (52.26 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Internationalist Zhu Hong tin rust red 2014-9-22 09:31 upload 1411349150748_720x450.jpg (55.7 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Internationalist Zhu Hong tin rust red 2014-9-22 09:31 upload 1411349150995_720x450.jpg (49.2 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Internationalist Zhu Hong tin rust red 2014-9-22 09:31 upload 1411349150345_720x450.jpg (52.02 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Internationalist Zhu Hong tin rust red 2014-9-22 09:31 Nike Nike, Internationalist upload, 00Nike LeBron 9 "MVP championship" package available information 2013-12-08 22:21:43 LeBron James will always remember June 21, 2012 On this day, because he finally won after years of their first championship glory, but to get the regular season MVP in the same time gains finals MVP. Nike LeBron James as an absolute supporter of naturally not neglect this historic moment, after nearly two months of effort finally about limited edition Nike LeBron 9 "MVP Championship" big package, which includes two pairs of different design LeBron 9. Where LeBron 9 MVP version we've seen this season, LeBron also personally wear the race before, but another double championship stage version is still under wraps. The considerable value of the collection will be a big suit on August 11, US time on Saturday in Miami LeBron shop UNKNWN be limited edition, will soon take the lead in the lottery. innovation can never bold creative and brave spirit of adventure, only from the experiment for magic to inspire each designer's inspiration, eventually with imaginative thinking the great achievement of dreams. During the course, also need to try more likely, to find potential miracle. recently Nike designer team carrying a series of experimental design works debut exhibition of 2016 Milan Design Week "the natural rhythm of the" Nike, flyknit shoe on the basis of knitting, redesign of the material, from the thick, wavy hair, the cat's whisker, champagne packaging Feng rich multiple objects in inspiration, create a series of experimental product design, through the concept of the effect to everybody to demonstrate the possibilities of future shoes. original address: nowre