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[Chinese shoes Network] & nbsp; is headquartered in Oregon, Nike is the world's leading sporting goods manufacturer, the company produces all-inclusive sporting goods: clothing, footwear, sports equipment and so on. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; to act decisively when other companies hesitant, caught world attention hot spot out of the race, Liu Xiang Beijing Olympic Games, will be the determining timely dissemination point for advertisers to effectively catch live audience attention of the optic nerve, to the contact with the brand together to further enhance the brand image. Olympic marketing dilemma PR counterattack & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; as a world-renowned sports brand, Nike has always been a pioneer in the field of marketing wise and brave. There's nothing better than the Olympics attracts the attention of the whole world, so that the combustion of sports enthusiasm lit sports apparel brand, the Olympics is undoubtedly the best brand marketing Sword land. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; As the first betting Liu Xiang's world-class sponsor, Nike marketing for Liu Xiang has been remarkable. As early as Liu Xiang just broke the world record, build on the progress Nike launched the "12 seconds 88" advertising, the industry as flash in the pan. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, for non-sponsor Nike, Liu Xiang is obviously his greatest expectations. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; However, August 18, 2008, Liu Xiang, a world of unexpected out of the race because of injury ended Beijing Olympic Games journey. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; This is for those who make a significant investment of nearly Liu Xiang, 20 international and domestic brands, in addition to an unprecedented shock, accompanied by a huge economic loss! These international and domestic brands are mostly prepared before the game, Liu Xiang successfully defended or two game losing awareness programs, just waiting for the outcome of the match will take advantage of a brand Cheap jordans online promotion. As everyone knows, Liu Xiang has given the third result - to retire, so that these international and domestic brands by surprise. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; when other companies on how to carry out branding hesitant, Nike grabbed world attention Liu Xiang retire hotspots, timely dissemination point was determined to be advertising. In just one day time, the original advertising copy for editing process, not the choice of Liu Xiang's image, launched a public resonance caused special public relations advertising, Liu Xiang dilute the risks and public pressure. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; grimacing when Liu Xiang slow to leave the runway, stunned and regret swept through Beijing nest of 90,000 spectators, but also let Nike surprise. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Liu Xiang game due to wear Nike running shoes, Nike was questioned online. Nike's director of communications, Zhu nearly Qian came forward to clarify: on Liu Xiang's shoes can improve performance of 0.02 seconds to say, it belongs to the misinformation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; accurate to say that Liu Xiang's boots in the tests show, because of its unique design can effectively reduce the resistance, so run 100 meters, you can speed 0.02 seconds. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; leaving Nike embarrassing is printing another rumor: Liu Xiang is affected by the sponsor Nike "coercion." Nike had to face a credibility crisis. How to fight the Beijing Olympic Games marketing campaign? Nike began the action. August 18 the same day Liu Xiang, Nike established the cooperation with Tencent "QQ love wall - Blessing Liu Xiang" (Nike brand wall), a launch, immediately warm response from the users. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; during the Beijing Olympic Games, every day millions of Internet users through Tencent understand the match and watch videos, bless Liu Xiang's QQ love wall, almost overnight it become keen to land between Chinese netizens. "QQ Love Wall - Liu Xiang blessing," the establi Cheap foamposites for sale shment, pressed the hearts of users "Sadness button", through the mobilization of emotions, touched people's hearts softest corner, by Tencent instant messaging software, a large network of people, Nike's marketing information transmission and spread like a virus, and was quickly copied pass to hundreds of thousands, millions of audience. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike through interactive experiential marketing brand implanted heart. As sports marketing in addition to the spread of "higher, faster, stronger" concept, there is a broader connotation, like Nike's initiatives show the world that the original sports marketing can also go humane care of warmth route. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; within one week, the only directly involved - the number of "QQ love wall blessings Liu Xiang" would reach nearly two million people, more than 370,000 page views. Nike's rapid response and tragic ads, no strong commercial flavor, in line with people's sporting spirit and the pursuit of desire, spread by word of mouth network participants and direct expression of the viral marketing reach and effectiveness of secondary spread beyond Liu Xiang, the value of a simple endorsement. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "love the game, love spell on all pride, love to win another it back, pay all love glory love, love frustration, love sports, even if it hurt. your heart. "August 19, Nike worked overnight making the" love sports, even if it breaks your heart, "print ads in major newspapers overwhelming occupation of the country, advertising is still using a large photo of Liu Xiang. On the screen, Liu Xiang calm face and sensational slogan this line meaningful impact everyone's heart. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; sadness, happiness is more contagious than the reverse thinking Nike, Liu Xiang plus points, while the impact on the brand gold effect bigger than Liu Xiang. Exposure to the predicament, with a nice Nike public relations battle, a turnaround, in ad cheap foamposites dition to traditional print, television advertising, network with its interactive, participatory, real properties, Nike changed from passive to active public relations campaign It played a huge role in promoting.BbsImg142058552172417_480_480.jpg (15.83 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 11Lab4 white color 2015-1-7 08:43 upload Recently, Under shares of Armour in 27 of the stock in 33%, it is recommended to buy, hold 63%. The 12 month average price target of $76, compared with the current share price is higher than 17.7%. It is understood that the second quarter of 2011, the company announced its net income was $291 million 300 thousand, compared with the same period last year, growth of 42%. Diluted earnings per share from 7 cents last year rose 12 cents. By the second quarter net income of $3 million 500 thousand last year rose to $6 million 200 thousand. The company's annual revenues from 13.7--13.9 billion dollars last year is expected to rise to $14.2--14.4. Compared with 2010, rose 33%--35%. At the same time, operating income from the original forecast of 1.49--1.53 billion up to 1.55--1.60 billion in 2010, the level of growth of 38%--53%. Under Armour is a company dedicated to the development, marketing and distribution of various brands of men and women's shoes, and youth and accessories business. (Editor: admin)CONVERSE MVP Flywire five color is now on sale 2013-12-08 22:31:39 CONVERSE basketball shoes seems to have no news for a long time, indeed Dwyane Wade leave and join Jordan Brand, make shoe fans to CONVERSE basketball shoes reduced a lot of attention. And recently released this CONVERSE MVP Flywire is a bright spot. The biggest highlight of this shoe is the integration of the Nike Flywire technology, while the shoes of the shape retains the traditional CONVERSE basketball shoes modeling. In terms of material, the shoe is similar to the form material, so that the shoes show a unique aesthetic feeling, it can be Retro jordans for sale said that CONVERSE MVP Flywire is a appearance retains the classic shape and add new technology shoes. Now there are 5 color matching shelves, want to feel the charm of CONVERSE basketball shoes again, try this CONVERSE MVP Flywire. Nike KD6 " Aunt Pearl " color matching is on sale at 2014-02-24 21:05:15 starts from KD4, Nike every year for KD series signature shoes launched a " Aunt Pearl " color matching, this year is no exception. " Aunt Pearl " the color is to commemorate Durant's closest aunt, she died from cancer in 2000, since childhood, Durant and Aunt Pearl close, when young Durant always in my grandma's house and in Maryland; Aunt Pearl play. The of the KD6 Aunt Pearl; " " color than in previous years is out of the ordinary shoes, shoes with pink rose pattern layout full coverage, with blue tongue and decorative details. Shoes will be officially released on February 27th, and the sale will also include accessories such as T-Shirt and hats and other accessories.The most expensive in the world! With Li-Ning WOW 4 version of "monkey" 2016-03-18 11:32:25 day before we introduce a building by the Australian jeweler's diamond shoes, so many of my friends said that it is wasted. But today, New York life brand Bicion and custom shoes brand Mache Customs Kicks launched the odd number called the world's most expensive sneakers, instantly let other shoes overshadowed. The designer Dan Gamache chose Li-Ning WOW 4 "monkey year" as the blueprint, in each detail inlaid hundreds of carats of broken diamonds and sapphires! So luxurious sneakers, worth about 4 million dollars! And it will be released at the official conference in New York this weekend, and the proceeds will be donated to the world charity organization Soles4Souls to help more people. adidas pushes Adidas PureBOOST 2017 2017-08-01 14:42:13 in winter and Autumn recently, Adidas announced that it will focus on this year's autumn and winter Adidas PureBOOST series, t Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale his is in order to seize the market ahead of the autumn and winter storage, the launch of the Adidas PureBOOST DPR, Adidas PureBOOST and Adidas PureBOOST X Pose women Adidas PureBOOST DPR in this series, using Circular Knit preparation technology is very close, but take the Boost technology and Stretchweb programming technology to create Adidas PureBOOST X Pose and the vamp; according to the Adidas DPR to create PureBOOST. It is reported that this section will be on shelves in August 2nd, the price is $999 Hong Kong dollars to $1399 Hong Kong dollars.June new sports players NIKE AIR SCORCH PLUS performance-oriented affordable 2004-05-28 10:59:29 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; Print & nbsp; Close Model - Color: 309043-161 English name: AIR SCORCH PLUS key technologies : full-grain leather upper, covered in palm enhanced design provides additional support angle. Full length PHYLON wrapped midsole and heel cushion pad to play a good role. Anti-torsion chassis palm provide extra stability. Durable rubber outsole. The ability to have a good performance basketball shoes. White / Campus Red MSRP: 490.00 Related newshave the opportunity to participate in today's China NIKE + conference, and to experience a lot of Nike + Training, exciting short period of time, the perfect combination of science and technology and sports official, was interviewed today asked me how I felt, I remember said at the time great, it will also enable individuals not from this tedious exercise, exercise more professional system. The new Nike + includes Nike + Basketball and Nike + Training experience two kinds of revolutionary movement, will be equipped by the shoes and interactive mobile application of digital technology combine to create a brand new sport experience. Nike + Basketball will be the user's motion for resolution, measured a variety of data and information, and enable them to get motivated. Nike + Basketball players jump height can be meas jordans on sale mens ured in every game, and against the strength and speed of response. Nike + Training will make continuous training every day becomes more fun, it gives a new experience can also be perfectly integrated into the game and the high-intensity training, the site is an all-weather training partner. Both experiences have used the Nike + PreSSURe Force chips. This chip is installed in each shoe, you can record the user's motion data, and then send through wireless data transmission to the user's mobile device, demonstrating in previous training or competition completely unable to learn the data. "Nike + Let the world was able to campaign entities and elements of virtual community standards, thereby providing a better sport experience for every athlete." In February this year, the New York events, Nike President and CEO ? Mark Parker at the time of publication of this new NIike + Technology, said, "This is far more than a pair of shoes of significance. This represents the NIKE from providing products, converted to provide products and experience level." Nike + Basketball by "tracking my game" (Track My Game) mode, measuring the height of the jump athletes in the field, movement speed and combat strength. NIKE + Let the game of basketball shoes to track every movement of information, at the same time feedback to the user, telling them to get up from where. When one of your goals, Nike basketball athletes and coaches will be encouraged to send a message. "Show" mode the sports performance athletes procedure can be combined with exercise data is recorded into a movie, and then share video content with friends through social networks. "I think Nike + Basketball will change the rules of the game." LeBron said, "provides information about each of these players will bring great impact and changed training methods." "When you grew up, you start playing basketball You fall in love with the game, and your friends are your competitors. "LeBron said," The young players will be excited to track data and therefore, in order to show off their accomplishments or video to show their best performance. they will be more eager to return to court in order to improve the data. " Nike + Training training results can be better reflected in the game. Learn from the world's top athletes such as Rafael Nadal ? (Rafa Nadal), Manny ? Pacquiao (Manny Pacquiao, and), Alison ? Felix (Allyson Felix), Hope ? Solomon (Hope Solo ) understanding and insight, Nike + Training for each ordinary for the ultimate training experience. Nike + Training provides a range of short and compact training program to help trainers become healthier, faster, stronger. Conduct of each training program are displayed through the screen, the formation of the trainers supervision and incentives. Nike + Training through mobile applications, data and feedback for each training or challenge can be transmitted to the trainer's phone. According to the trainer every day want to accomplish training intensity, training programs can be flexibly developed, and the application software is to help train and challenge them to share the results of each day in a digital network community. Through the online community, the trainer while the daily fitness data and their friends to compare and challenges, but to attack the leaderboard.super light shoes FlyknitRacer launched "Macaroon" Pack, and four respectively with fresh color makeup code woven shoes, breathable mesh fabric to create a feeling of large Flyknit, while maintaining the light foot at the same time, showing a steady find everything fresh and new feeling! Flyknit fly line Racer men and women sports shoes comfort tide hiking shoes couple running shoes $198 to buy black and white gold color reversal! Drake OVOxAirJordan brings new joint After the show "CalipariPack AirJordan8OVO" set in Drake, recently published in the Instagram a few photos, aroused everyone's curiosity. in the picture on the Drake foot of the new AirJordanTrunner, the body of the shoe by white mesh uppers made of gold through the details of the whole black outsole and uppers, contrast! And this pair of suspected AirJordanTrunner is OVO and JordanBrand's new co branded shoes. Rihanna Yang Yang Liu Wen Mizuhara Kiko low shoes sports shoes set foot couple $220 to buy platform shoes for men and women Drake and JordanBrand are present for this pair of shoes offer information, we will bring up reports! has a cool appearance and comfortable foot feeling NikeAirVaporMax was released and set off a boom, following the launch of a variety of popular color, this time also has a pair of new color NikeAirVaporMax "String" female models coming soon! air vapormax air max tn fly line running shoes shoes men's fitness for low bubble girl $340 to buy uses grey brown tone Flyknit woven shoes, with pink dress to create a gradient effect, Swoosh marks on both sides of silver liquid is a highlight, with signs of full palm Air sole ending, so that the whole shoes are almost out of the appearance of both feet. after the YeezySeason4 release, Calabasas has attracted great attention. recently, MacheCustoms shoes custom team with Calabasas pants for inspiration, adidasYeezyBoost350V2 will be transformed into a new red color, and the word SPLY-350 to Calabasas. How do you like this suit? Kanye YEEZY350V2 white coconut popcorn Kanye low white zebra shoes low shoes grey orange male $210 to buy Speaking of this pair of adidasOriginalsEQT, is also a rave shoes. Since the last version of black powder adidasEQTSu〉In recent years, the total at the end of the debut Air Jordan 11 can always set off the boom, but before this, the brand tend to launch many Air Jordan 11 Low to warm up. The guests warm market for Air Jordan released 11 Retro Low GG (Grade School Girl, female children's shoes) new style, a build specifically for girls of color. Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GG "Blue Moon" to the blue shoe body with translucent outsole material, and 11 different generations in general, plus suede leather, reflective leather the last sign instead of the pearly skin Cracked Leather, design more biased towards Lifestyle, let this pair of 11 generation is different from the previous texture, is also reminiscent of another pair of similarly designed for girls to design Air Jordan 11 Retro GG Heiress "". Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GG "Blue Moon" is expected to launch in April 22nd. Air Jordan Space Jam 11 motion field 11 jam 378037 378038-003 $2299 to buy & nbsp. Well known shoe shop Ubiq this season and ASICs cooperation, bring this GEL-Lyte speed "cool breeze" joint running shoes. Just as its name implies, designers from the summer the most representative of the blue sky, and the icy water draw inspiration, therefore the selection of different gradations of color of green and blue suede shoe body composition, resulting in upper and create a rich visual effects, for a gel ink details of corrosion at the bottom of the epicenter, also let shoes have more sense of street fashion. Finally through the "blue sky white clouds" digital printing on the shoe pad, and the theme of the Logo echo. It is reported that the joint running shoes will be on July 18th at UBIQ stores and online stores, priced at $140 dollars. (Editor: YOYO)Classic sports brand K-Swiss's birth in the 1990s retro running shoes Si-18 Rannell 2. In this season the release of real TEAL/CAYENNE/EGRET and EUCALYPTUS/LINDEN GREEN/EGRET two models of new color. Design respectively, using high quality suede collocation mesh material composed of a shoe body, supplemented by trademark sideways fringe pattern, and tongue and heel gold embroidery logo a little embellishment. Finally, equipped with EVA midsole and rubber outsole appear, to provide users with portable and comfortable running experience. At present, these two shoes can be purchased through Store HYPEBEAST, welcome to buy!