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& nbsp; In just grassroots undefeated in 2002, NIKE had and the main reason people Undefeated Eddie Cruz cooperation with Release Version Gaotong Dunk shoes, each one comes with white rubber soles, five bars LOGO, 24 ?(a total of 48 pairs) ultra-limited conditions are not disclosed, it was all the rage. After a lapse of 11 years, Undefeated has just celebrated 10 years birthday, the brand will be the home of five bars Logo as one element, and Nike brought this "Bring Back" package together again. shoes appeal to both sides for the first time modeling and adequate cooperation ultra-limited 24 pairs of White Gum version is very similar, but the new wins in the old old college style and modern technology combined with cutting-edge footwear, plus Undefeated in This two Dunk High and Hyperdunk potential to become scalpers price target of speculation, the shoes will be available in major Undefeated flagship stores and the official website on February 9, another part of Nike retailers have the Netherlands, intends to start with you Now we must ready. & nbsp;Nike LeBron 10 "Emerald" custom version map appreciate 2013-12-08 22:59:35 "Emerald" is derived from Latin meaning emerald, and Nike LeBron 10 is replaced by an emerald full of noble coat. This is the new custom version of sneakers from Diversitile. trains the best running state through training. Nike and ELLE to creat foamposites for cheap e RUN as ELLE cool sports tour. Since its formal launch in July, it has attracted many fashionable people. Each time, under the guidance of the Nike elite coach, the girls, through the Nike Training Club course, improve themselves and complete the running training. Tonight's 10 kilometer challenge is a hot spot in the journey, and in the next few days, there will be 2 lucky people to go to San Francisco, USA, to participate in the October San Francisco Nike women's Marathon (Ban Cheng). At the end of this year, RUN as ELLE will eventually return to the Shanghai marathon, let the fashion movement continued until the end of the year.after basketball will continue to develop, it has not only attracted the attention of the world, also affected the field of fashion creative activities from art. In the same way, basketball players have been inspired by these fields. Although location technology and data are changing, the desire for success is exactly the same as the early development of AF1.from Hongkong original brand Fitter recently launched a "BLADE X" series of sports shoes, shoes with a synthetic fabric and artificial leather material to build, the weight of the shoes is less than 10 OZ, and a variety of upper breathable mesh covering the running speed and steering more agile. A large area of bright yellow is very eye-catching, running on the city road, absolutely able to highlight Retro jordans for sale the movement of the self. This pair of "BLADE X" for the price of RMB 399 yuan, can be purchased through the Dahood store. source: Dahood converse's has a long history of shoes Chuck Taylor All Star released a new one as in the past quarter shoes series of color, the 2014 quarter of the new spring series in addition to the classic color pure sunshine shoes, but also a variety of novel innovation for the spring quarter color, such as ink clouds as inspiration, green collocation purple, red and blue into the release of low and high Chuck Taylor All Star for shoes. And this time, the corresponding trend design launched a camouflage and zebra stripes as the elements of the two high group All Star, the series has been sold in Converse retail stores.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the world's largest professional sports market, it should be said that the basketball. If professional football in Europe is the continent's most frenzied motion, then professional basketball is the most enthusiastic about the project in North America. According to "Sports Illustrated," the statistics, the nation's top 50 fastest athletes to make money, there are 25 born in basketball; instead of the top 20 fastest players earn money in the United States, accounting for football players 9, the highest proportion. From the perspective of sports economics, basketball and football present a rival situation. Pe cheap air jordans rformance in the stock market is very interesting, that is, Nike and Adidas, Nike Adidas competition. adidas (Adidas AG) in Frankfurt, the German market to market, worth about 92 billion yuan, in the World Cup, European Cup football and shirts can frequently see the shadow of Adidas. In addition to its main advantage in football, the company since the 1920s has always attached importance to the development of the swimsuit in swimming remains a comparative advantage. However, to the 1980s, the performance has been better than Reebok (Reebok) Nike (Nike), enabled the greatest professional basketball player Michael? Jordan (Michael Jordan) as a product spokesperson, the basketball great gains, not only Beyond Reebok dominate the North American market, but also beat Adidas has become one of the largest global sports economy enterprises. Since 1986, Jordan joined the Chicago Bulls, had been poor performance of the Bulls began a new hope, even the strongest of the year met the Celtics in the face when the strongest player Peter Bird Germany, as a rookie Michael Jordan still scored 56 points single game. Although the Celtics still won the championship that year, but since then the image of Jordan trapeze enjoys popular support, his feet "flyers shoes" Nike's performance also fly up. Nike is now the market value of over 220 billion yuan, compared to 1984, the lowest, not the annual cas Cheap foamposites for sale h dividend, up 167 times, one of the important reasons is that people Qiaodan Fei shoes from the first generation global "limited" issue began before before and after the sale of 200-300 generations. As for the football star David Beckham on behalf of representatives compared with basketball star Michael Jordan, who have more money, it is difficult to count. But from 1992 the annual income of $ 36 million Jordan's record of observations, taking into account the current market value of the gap between Adidas and Nike as well as depreciation of the dollar in recent years, the speed, I think playing basketball is more profitable than playing football.American professional high end running shoes brand HOKA ONE ONE hand in hand "2017 wild" Qilian new upgrade winter and autumn products opened the autumn and winter challenge prelude 2017-07-14 12:00:46 HOKA ONE ONE American high-end brand shoes; (Deckers brand under the brand name NYSE:DECK) on 2017 officially landed China market, by virtue of excellent cushioning and ultra lightweight midsole technology, with its professional and quickly become numerous triathlon, cross-country events such as athletes and runners have their preferred equipment. This summer, HOKA ONE ONE join hands with "wild Qilian" 2017 China Qilian Mountains cross-country race, pledge for domestic and foreign runners to provide top equipment support and excellent sp Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale orts experience, for the athletes to conquer wild nature, sprint personal limit, do their best. In July 2017 officially on sale HOKA ONE ONE 9a11c, with top technology, upgrade of the Speedgoat, Clifton and other classic shoes, opened the prelude to autumn and winter season, all the runners to enhance all-round running performance, challenge the limits of self provide more equipment, such as tiger Tim wing, Time To Fly! runs out of the new self, challenging the dynamic life "wild Qilian" is China's current track technology, terrain, comprehensive difficulty and other high 100 kilometers cross-country race, the development of this event marks China cross-country running is gradually toward the international. As a professional high-end running shoes brand, HOKA ONE ONE actively promotes this high quality cross-country race. "Wild Qilian" develops dauntless spirit and coincides with HOKA ONE ONE. The participation of 2017 "wild Qilian" is the first step of HOKA ONE ONE to support the development of China's cross-country running, and then will continue to join hands with domestic like-minded partners to build more Chinese cross-country running event, from now on, to uncover the challenges of Chinese mountain forest cross-country prelude! Speedgoat 22017 strong landing in autumn and winter HOKA ONE ONE consists of two professional cross-country running to Luc - Alder (Jean Luc D jordans for sale iard pedicle) and Nico Mel Maude (Nico Mermoud) jointly established in 2009, can be said to a cross-country gene flowing in the blood was founded. After many years of technical research and development and product structure perfect after entering China, has been warmly welcomed by many Chinese runners. The brand new 2017 flagship models, Speedgoat 2 with a new HOKA ONE ONE in the last three core technology as the foundation, innovation design bold, improve comfort, stability and durability of the shoes, designed to overcome various types of track technology design. With the new shoe as the foundation, widening the midsole and wide toe, especially for Asian runners to provide a more comfortable feeling and stability.0.jpg (66.48 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-6 18:02 upload In the course of 1.jpg (32.15 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-6 18:02 upload 2.jpg (55.18 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-6 18:02 upload 3.jpg (26.18 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-6 18:02 upload 4.jpg (48.84 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-6 18:02 upload 5.jpg (33.92 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-6 18:02 upload 6.jpg (33.09 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-6 18:02 upload 7.jpg (47.29 KB, download number: 0) download eThis post was finally edited by sohoo at 2014-8-20 09:36 PIQUE_1__32451.jpg (560.32 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:24 2014-8-20 with German striker Mario · gotze wearing Nike "ghost" brand boots scored goals for the football fever in the summer ended, now is the time for the new season, return to football. The events in Brazil inspire players from all over the world to challenge themselves and to go further, while Nike's new football series offers products and services to every player to help them release their full potential.The world's top league designated by football game has a high demand for energy and technology, the performance of Nike Ordem football players consistent from beginning to end in the game, can better control the game. Nike Ordem is a new generation of football players and new welding, bring the best spherical touch, a new aerodynamic NIKE AEROW TRAC texture flight control brought hitherto unknown, and the greatest degree of Nike RaDaR technology to enhance the visibility, to help players more quickly see football. as Nike complete field training equipment as part of the Matchfit Elite socks provide professional fit, to prevent slipping in the shoes in the feet. Friction Stripe Ball with locking functionSupreme x Air Jordan 5 cooperation three color dye exposed 2015-07-19 14:26:35 days ago to introduce a double by Supreme and Jordan Brand Air Jordan 5 to build a joint spy network today brings us heavyweight news, the two sides also create three different color, in addition to the first camouflage color, there are red and black version, shoe side SUP the words point out its theme of cooperation, followed by the embroidery "23" is "94" instead of the shoes this fall will be the official sale, but no specific information is exposed, interested friends may wish to continue to focus on our follow-up reports. Fitness brand upgrade , to build a healthy lifestyle operating platform. 2016-12-21 12:36:22 12 21, 2016 solstice, enjoying a delicious dumpling feast, we have a big event to announce. Body building enterprises, the long dormant fitness industry (formerly Bally) brand promotion conference, international conference hall was held in Beijing the four seasons will. Life upgraded UION Life, is due to policy support and the upgrading of consumption age, lifestyle concept to market the brand, from brand positioning, image content, VI, R & D and production, business model (including profit model), information technology, standardized system composed entirely of independent R & D team, using artificial the smart way to build a platform of SaaS+ lifestyle, gradually will be a single annual membership and private education course sales, into multi dimension, personalized, meet business model platform among different consumption demands. conference site, Liu Jun, chairman of China body industry, reviewed the contribution of the Chinese fitness industry in the industry for many years, and also expressed the new brand upgrading of the Chinese body fitness, and eagerly anticipated the changes brought by the traditional fitness industry. As the head of Chinese fitness, Mr. Zhao Yongshun also gives all the media friends and partners, franchisees to introduce the new brand in the business of life and content of the model. Body fitness in with many years of professional experience and insight of the fitness market demand, in order to build a healthy lifestyle operating platform mode, gradually will be a single annual membership and private education course sales, into multi dimension, personalized and meet the different demands of the consumer group management platform. members can choose courses of class, class membership function according to the product, reduce fat, muscle, fasting, detoxification of different purposes and different time length needs, customize their own proprietary packages of fitness products. It can also be used for health products such as healthy meals, nutriment, high quality water, essential oils, incense